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How the Audio Book Download Service Works.

Downloading audiobooks is the quickest and most convenient way for you to enjoy listening to your favorite titles and authors. Simply choose your titles, download them and transfer them to your favorite listening device. What could be easier than that?

  • Sign up now for an AudibleListener® Gold membership from Audible, our trusted partner for downloadable audiobooks. Audible has been providing an exceptional audiobook experience for millions of satisfied users worldwide for over a decade. Once you've signed up, download your free audiobook management software, choose your audiobooks from over 75,000 titles, download them and get ready for hours of listening enjoyment!
  • Membership is just $7.49 per month for the first three months and $14.95 per month thereafter. Your membership entitles you to one credit each month which can be used to download an audio book of your choosing - everything from the latest releases to beloved classics.* This is a notable savings over retail prices! In addition members receive a 30% discount off of the retail price on any titles downloaded in excess of their monthly credit. And if you don't use a credit one month don't worry, your credits roll over and accumulate for up to 6 months!
  • Your membership includes no obligation. If you decide to cancel for any reason whatsoever you can easily close your account and keep the audiobooks you've downloaded.

Features and Benefits:

  • Largest library of audio book titles online: Choose from a huge and ever-growing inventory of audio books from every genre under the sun. Currently over 75,000 titles are available and more are being added every day. With so many titles to choose from you're certain to find all of the audio books you're looking for. Be sure to check back often to find all of the latest releases!
  • Instant access: Simply choose your titles and download them immediately to your favorite device. You'll be listening to your favorite audio books in no time!
  • Extensive device compatibility: These audio books are compatible with all of the most popular portable devices including the iPad, Amazon Kindle, all Android devices, iPhone, Blackberry phones and all models of the Apple iPod family!
  • Easy-to-use audiobook management software: Use your free software which is provided with any purchase to download and manage your audiobook library. It allows you to easily transfer your audio books to your favorite portable devices. You can also use it to listen to your titles on your Windows PC or Mac. You also have the option of using iTunes to download and listen to audiobooks.
  • Easily convert to CD: Using the free audiobook management software you can easily burn your audiobooks as audio CDs that will play back on any CD player. Great for cars whose stereos don't have a portable player input!
  • No obligation membership: There is absolutely no minimum length of membership. You can cancel your membership at any time and keep the audio books that you've purchased.

* Please note that a small percentage of audio books require more than one credit due to their length and size.

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